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There is plenty to do around the area no matter what the season, rain, snow, or shine!

Information to help you plan your vacation!

The Eastern Shore has a wonderful climate with relatively mild winter and summer temperatures.  Use the chart below to help you plan your trip!


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Month Average Temperature Average Rainfall
January 36.1 4.11 inches
February 38.5 3.35 inches
March 46.7 4.44 inches
April 56.1 3.50 inches
May 65.7 4.13 inches
June 74.2 3.47 inches
July 78.6 4.22 inches
August 76.9 4.10 inches
September 70.7 3.99 inches
October 59.8 3.46 inches
November 50.1 3.43 inches
December 40.8 3.67 inches
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Photographs by:  William Wilhelm | williamwilhhelm.com


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